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Carle Works

Phoenemic Awareness


Carle Works Power Point

Literacy lessons using acclaimed and beloved children's books by
Eric Carle.

Official Eric Carle Website

Planting A Literacy Garden
Comprehension strategies inspired by
adjunct professor of reading and writing, Ellin O. Keene.
Mosaic Listserv for Teachers

By Michele Polselli

Welcome to Carleworks, a website that offers links and videos that aide in teaching the five major literacy skills to early elementary school children ages 5-8.  Based on the books and works of Eric Carle, I have created lessons to enhance best known practices in teaching literacy to young children.  Each lesson uses one of the five skills needed to become a successful reader in life.   Within each literacy lesson whether it is based on phonetic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency or comprehension, technology is integrated.  Choose from one of the five major literacy strategies and there is a lesson below for each. Each lesson uses the Power Point which you can download or use directly from the web by clicking on Carle Works above.  When teaching comprehension strategies I have created lessons inspired by widely known author Ellin O. Keene, and her book Mosaic of Thought. To implement Ms. Keene's strategies, use ideas I have created on my website Planting A Literacy Garden
Best practices of Ellin O. Keene and great books by Eric Carle is a great place to start

planting your literacy garden with your students. 
(Because Eric Carle has a copyright on most of his pictures they cannot be viewed on this site, but references are made to his particular books in each lesson.)

Note:  Click on the TV to download Power Point Viewer if you do not have Power Point on your computer.

Literacy Lessons

Comprehension Lesson     

Fluency Lesson

Phonemic Awareness Lesson

Phonics Lesson

Vocabulary Lesson 

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