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Giraffe Comprehension Lesson using Eric Carle as the feature author by Michele Polselli

Essential Components of a Lesson


II. Grade: Kindergarten

R–K–8: Analyze and interpret informational text read-aloud,, citing evidence as appropriate by…

1• R—K—8.1 Telling what was learned

EXAMPLE: Draw a picture of something you’ve learned from this story about dogs.

III. Content Area- Comprehension

IV. Lesson Overview:

bulletEric Carle has been chosen as the America's choice feature artist for all Kindergarten students in our district. Utilizing his books these lessons engage in various literacy skills. This is the one of many lessons introducing students taught to use comprehension strategies elicited by Ellin O. Keene which were developed in my curriculum project called Planting A Literacy Garden.

V. Objectives:

bulletStudents use their knowledge and background schema combined with the skill of visualizing to explain what they already know about giraffes
bulletStudents will draw a picture of a giraffe
bulletStudents will write one sentence about what they know about giraffes

VI. Instructional Procedures:

bulletStudents will begin by singing "Mary Had a Box of Tools" while wearing sunglasses and pretending to plant seeds.
bulletStudents will formulate background information about giraffes and share aloud their knowledge of giraffes with the class
bulletTeacher writes responses on a KWL chart from Strategies That Work by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis.
bulletTeacher will read aloud the poem Giraffe’s by Mary Ann Hoberman.
bulletStudents will view video about rhyming by Mary Ann Hoberman.
bulletThe poem can be found in the book "Animals, Animals" by Eric Carle.
bulletStudents will use the internet site Carleworks to view live giraffes in zoos through Web Cams located in zoos throughout the country and the world.
bulletStudents will draw a picture of a giraffe.
bulletStudents will write one Kid Writing sentence stating one thing they know about giraffe’s.

VII. Assessment



Mclass Reading:
Running Record on

Writing Samples
One kid writing sentence about what the student knew or has learned about Giraffe’s


Study Dog


Anecdotal Records


Teacher made rubrics:


Responses to read alouds

VIII. Materials:

bulletEric Carle’s book "Animals, Animals."
bulletPoem "Giraffes" by Mary Ann Hoberman.
bulletUse the comprehension strategy of visualizing and making connections/schema as presented in Planting a Literacy Garden.
bulletCarleworks website to view portions of power point pertaining to Giraffes
bulletUse visualizing and brainstorming strategies as stated at the website
bulletDownload student response sheets on Schema and Visualizing from Planting a Literacy Garden
bulletComputer connected to the internet to view Giraffe Web Cams at Zoos around the world
bulletStudy Dog Comprehension Games

IX. Teacher Reflection

a. Lesson extension:   Class invites family members to visit a zoo in a nearby town or city to view live giraffes.

b. Student work:  Finger Paint pictures of giraffes and attach the sentence written by each student.  Bind all pages together to create a take-home book that parents can read with their child.