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Phonics Lesson using Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle

Please maintain this sequence and address all of the following components.

Essential Components of a Lesson


RK1: Applies word identification and decoding strategies (leading to automaticity) by

1 RK1.1 Demonstrating a basic understanding of how the letters of phonetically regular words (going from left to right), represent their sounds

2 RK1.4 Reading high frequency words, including names, environmental print, sight words (as appropriate to the childs personal and classroom experiences)


WK9 In independent writing, students demonstrate command of appropriate English spelling conventions by
WK9.5 Using phonemic awareness and letter knowledge to spell independently (using phonetic or temporary spelling) and logically representing consonant sounds (e.g., initial or final sounds)

RK10 Demonstrates understanding of concepts of print during shared or individual reading by

1 RK10.1 Distinguishing between printed letters and words

2 RK10.2 Following text with finger-pointing (e.g., charts, simple books), demonstrating left-to right and top-to bottom directionality

3 RK10.3 Identifying the first and last parts of a word (beginning/end of the word)

RK10.4 Identifying key parts of a book: front and back, print, illustrations

II. Grade- Kindergarten

III. Content Area-Phonics

IV. Lesson Overview:

bulletEric Carle has been chosen as the feature artist for all Kindergarten students in our district. Utilizing his books we are studying practicing a variety of literacy skills. This is the one of many lessons introducing students to sight words introducing high frequency color words. Each journal supplies students with one page for each of the high frequency color words to draw and color an animal of their choice on.

V. Objectives:

bulletStudents will use writing strategies taught from Kid Writing Lessons by Feldman and Cardonic.
bulletStudents will illustrate a book about animals of different colors in their habitats.
bulletA running record will assess students ability to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle.

VI. Instructional Procedures:

bulletThrough a computer connected to the internet the teacher will project the website Carleworks onto a big screen with a video projector
bulletStudents will learn to access Carleworks, an internet site showing animals of different colors.
bulletTeacher will read-aloud "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle.
bulletStudents will begin by illustrating the first page of the book.
bulletUsing Kid Writing skills taught, students will write one sentence mimicking words from Eric Carle's book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".

VII. Assessment




1 (Nonsense Word Fluency)

2 Oral Reading Fluency

3 Retelling Fluency

Kid Writing Samples
Journal Writing
Kid Writing Homework Bags


1 (Spelling)

2 (Concept of Word)

3 Word Recognition in Isolation

Running Record
Brown Bear Brown Bear
by Eric Carle

Anecdotal Records    

VIII. Materials:

bulletInternet Sites (see Informal Assessments)


    Alphabet Action

    Billy Bear

    Planting a Literacy Garden

bulletEric Carles "Animals, Animals"
bulletVisual of the Alphabet
bulletJournal to draw representations and Kid Writing sentences about different colored animals.

IX. Teacher Reflection

a. Lesson implementation

b. Student work