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Phoenemic Awareness

"Rhyming With The Animals" Phoenemic Awareness and Phonics Lesson with works by Eric Carle and music by Ron Brown, Hap Palmer and Raffi

Please maintain this sequence and address all of the following components.

Essential Components of a Lesson


R-K-9 Demonstrates phonemic awareness and applies phonological knowledge and skills by

RK9.1 Blending and segmenting syllables and onset-rimes (e.g., cup-cake, s-at)

RK9.3 Isolating phonemes in single syllable words (e.g., "tell me the first sound in mop;" "tell me the last sound in mop)

RK9.5 Recognizing pairs of rhyming words

II. Grade: Kindergarten

III. Content Area: Phonemic Awareness

IV. Lesson Overview:

bulletEric Carle is the feature artist for all Kindergarten students in our district. Utilizing his books we have been studying various literacy skills. This is the one of many lessons introducing students to phonemic awareness through stories by Eric Carle.  Since students have entered Kindergarten, the art of music and dance has been integrated into the curriculum with the song and rhyme of Raffi and Hap Palmer. 

V. Objectives:

bulletStudents will choose an animal name and find a word that rhymes with it.
bulletStudents will draw a picture of the animal and the rhyming word.
bulletStudents will verbalize and share with their classmates two words that rhyme.

VI. Instructional Procedures

bulletTeacher presents a power point presentation from through a video projector connected to a computer onto a large screen.
bulletStudents are introduced to a phonetic awareness song that stresses words that rhyme with animal names.
bulletStudents listen to the song "Lets Rhyme With The Animals" by Ron Brown while viewing pictures and words that rhyme with animal names.
bulletStudents turn and talk using the reading and writing workshop model to share their thoughts about an animal they want to write about
bulletStudents will view rebus poems while listening to rhyming songs as they play through a power point.

o Down By The Bay by Hap Palmer (Rebus Poem)

o Baby Beluga by Raffi (Listening to Rhyme)

o Five Green and Speckled Frogs (Listening to Rhyme)

Students listen to and/or choral read as the teacher reads aloud various nursery rhymes.

bulletHumpty Dumpty
bulletThe Itsy Bitsy Spider
bulletHey Diddle Diddle
bulletTwinkle Twinkle Little Star
bulletLittle Bo Peep



Teacher shows pictures of animals from book Animals, Animals by Eric Carle to provide visuals of animals students may choose to find a rhyming word with.

bulletStudents draw two pictures:

o One picture of an animal

o One picture of something that rhymes with the animals name

o Students will share their pictures of the two rhyming words they chose with their classmates.

VII. Assessment:




2 (PSF) Phoneme Segmentation Fluency

Drawing a picture of an animal and
another picture of something that rhymes with it


Rhyme Awareness

Fontas & Pinnell Rhyming Cards  

Anecdotal Records

VIII. Materials:

bullet Computer
Video Projector
Animals, Animals by Eric Carle (book)

Microsoft Power Point as presented at Carleworks

Student Worksheet

IX. Teacher Reflection

a. Lesson implementation

b. Student work