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Vocabulary Lesson (Color Words) using various books by Eric Carle and Internet Sites

Essential Components of a Lesson


RK2: Students identify the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary by

RK2.1 Using strategies to unlock meaning (e.g., activating prior knowledge, using cues, using context clues, or asking questions)

1 RK1.4 Reading high frequency words, including names, environmental print, sight words (as appropriate to the childs personal and classroom experiences)

II. Grade- Kindergarten

III. Content Area- Vocabulary

IV. Lesson Overview

bulletEric Carle has been chosen as the feature artist for all Kindergarten students in our district. Reading his books and visiting different internet sites have been the focus of various literacy lessons. This is the one of many lessons introducing high frequency sight color words.

V. Objectives

bulletStudents will learn eight color words by visiting an internet site Carleworks, that supplies students with a power point presentation linked to various websites.  This power point exposes students to various color activities that enhance and equip students with the ability to practice reading the words.  Exposure to various read alouds by Eric Carle that contain the color words

VI. Instructional Procedures

VII. Assessment



ISF (Alphabet Recognition Fluency)

Writing Samples


Fontas & Pinnell Rhyming Cards


Anecdotal Records

VIII. Materials

IX. Teacher Reflection

a. Lesson implementation

b. Student work